"Unleash the power of music!"

Battle Rhythm is music dance-fighting game developer by Draconian Games and NetherRealm Studios.

Gameplay and Features

Battle Rhythm plays like the Street Fighter series, in which the fights take place in a Best of Three rounds, but with shades of the Tekken and Killer Instinct series when it comes to making combos (juggles included in the case of Tekken). The gameplay format is 2.5D. I visualize the game in Realistic Formula, my own game engine that i created, thanks to its' highly detailed visuals and smooth, intuitive development of the game. Taken Draconian Network System to proved the online of some matches, if better idea than other games.

There are two types of signature attacks in the game. The first is the Super Rhythmic Moves, akin to the EX Arts of the Street Fighter series and the Shadow Moves of Killer Instinct 2013. The Super Rhythmic Moves cost the half of the Rhythm Bar. The second is the Ultra Rhythmic Move, which costs the entire Rhythm Bar and is the game's equivalent of Street Fighter V's Critical Art and Tekken 7's Rage Art.

The Arcade Mode will have 7 regular matches, followed by the Rival vs. Rival match akin to Soul Calibur series' Destined Battle, concluding with the two final matches. In the Arcade Mode, after you choose a character, it will be accompanied by pictures that depict said character's main motives for entering the tournament, similar to the current Tekken games. The endings for each character, on the other hand, will be more like cinematic cutscenes, which takes place in the aftermath of the tournament. There are also interlude cutscenes in Story Mode where characters will interact with each other right before the fight and then after the fight.

In the middle of the Health Bar, there are two sub-bars: the Guard and the Precision Indicators. The Guard Indicator shows how much can you block opponent's attacks. It's divided in four sections, and each time you get a Guard Break, a section is broken until only one remains. The Precision Indicator shows how much damage decreases with each attack and replenishes with every second of inactivity. Does the Precision Indicator remind us of Samurai Shodown V's Kenki Gauge? Like the Killer Instinct series, you can apply a Combo Breaker, named Rhythm Breaker. The fighting styles listed in their profiles are a mix of actual martial arts with musical genres.


Decades ago, a fighting ceremony where the music and the martial arts combine, is celebrated worldwide. For twelve tournaments, Ken Lee was the supreme Rhythmic Martial Arts Champion in history, that is until his friend and rival Don Z, defeated him out of rage and he's no longer heard of altogether. Now, Carlos Velásquez, Ken Lee's top student, alongside with his childhood friends Joaquín Ortiz, Rina Yamanaka, Adriana Salazar and Iván Díaz, unite as the ultimate fighting team, the Rhythm Battlers. Both of them are joining the 13th Rhythmic Martial Arts Tournament where they collide with the best of the best in the world. However, a shadow figure watching behind the scenes, lures them to a sinister trap.






  • Arturo Rivera
  • Azimilor
  • Bob Marley
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Carmen Salazar
  • Connie Markov
  • Counselor Watts
  • Dempsey Holt
  • Diana León
  • Doctrine Doppler
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Ernesto Díaz
  • Gunther Rumpelstinskin
  • Horacio Ortiz
  • Iara Costa
  • JBL
  • Jerry Lawler
  • Jesus Zuñiga
  • Joaquín Roldan
  • John Cena
  • Jushin Thunder Liger
  • Kazimierz Kosmatka
  • Kazuo Yamazaki
  • Kelly McRae
  • Ken Lee
  • Kevin Holt
  • Khalid Ahmar
  • Klaudia Landowski
  • League of Spies' Boss
  • Leo McRae
  • Marisela Peña
  • Masaru Hojo
  • Mayor of Wexford
  • Michael Buffer
  • Michael Cole
  • Miguel Delgado
  • Mike Chioda
  • Morpheus
  • Nanobyte
  • Nolan McRae
  • Paulina Guzmán
  • Queen Zonda Sonus
  • Rodrigo Velásquez
  • Sally McRae
  • Sasha Banks
  • Sayaka Yamanaka
  • Senator Hertz
  • Sexy Star
  • Shang Lee
  • Shayla Holt
  • Supreme Ruler Teras
  • Tao Lin
  • Tao Shen
  • Tao Ziyi
  • Terrence West
  • The Miz
  • Tiffany Karell
  • Triple H
  • Tyler Breeze
  • Vince McMahon
  • Vindictus
  • Yisheng Qian Zhao



  1. AAA Six-Sided Ring
  2. Desert of Laments
  3. Detroit Boxing Gym
  4. Favela Bonita
  5. Hong Kong Showdown
  6. Mythologic Museum Library
  7. Nana Mizuki High School
  8. Picadilly Park
  9. Pleasure Island
  10. Puerto Cabello
  11. Rumble in Detroit
  12. Russian Roulette
  13. Streets of Akihabara
  14. The Ortiz Mansión
  15. UFC Octagon
  16. Villa Florentina


  1. Abandoned Factory
  2. Giga Lair


  1. Argus City
  2. Cathedral of Assumption
  3. Cyber Air Force Carrier
  4. Dotonbori Bridge
  5. Gym and Fitness Center
  6. National Opera House
  7. Texan Gas Station
  8. Tromsdalstinden