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Carlos Velásquez is the leader of the Rhythm Battlers and the main protagonist of the Battle Rhythm series.


A black haired mexican with an orange jacket, a white t-shirt underneath and black pants with yellow stripes.


Think of him as the mexican version of Ryu, as both are goodhearted fighters who want to test others' skills. His backstory contains parts of Spider-Man, as both have deceased parents that served in a secret agency. He's also is an idealist like Kamen Rider Gaim.


  • Battle Rhythm - "Carlos left the orphanage that he used to inhabit, ever since the death of his parents, at age 13 to wander around the country. He was trained by Ken Lee, the greatest Rhythmic Martial Artist ever existed . One day, upon witnessing that his mentor disappeared without a trace, he decides to enter the 13th International Tournament of Rhythmic Martial Arts to duel against the man responsible for said disapeareance, Don Z. Knowing that he's lured in an even bigger trap, he forms a fighting team called the Rhythm Battlers, with him as the leader and his childhood friends Joaquín, Rina, Adriana and Iván as his teammates."


Battle Rhythm

Left the orphanage while he was age 13 to start wander around the country. Carlos Velásquez have a chance back in present, reunited after 10 years where his childhood friends have come, after have made a different path, returning on his howntown. Carlos haves trained by the greatest Rhythmic Martial Artist, Ken Lee, until that day he haves disappear without a trace, but he should to enter the 13th International Tournament of Rhythmic Martial Arts to duel against the man responsible, Don Z. He forms a fighting team called "Rhythm Battlers" as the leader.

Carlos haves met Takeru Hojo, she told him about attempted murder her months ago, but Takeru haves ordered by the Yakuza boss of his father, Masaru Hojo. Force to them, he can now to join Carlos and Rhythm Battlers.

As finally he faces against the Dark Fist, Don Z, they should be stronger that though, revealed at Carlos' mentor is dead causing Don Z who he kill him, started to get cursed with his inner demons. As Carlos must find shadow figure behind in secret passage, revealing as Doctor Giga, he knows him while he watched his fights all along durring the journey, of this tournament was harmless in nature but Giga haves put on as a frontline for his master plan to conquer. He's from Argus Dimension, an alternate dimension where he rule with iron hand, the things is the argonian. He brought conquering between dimensions of DraconianVerse, at cannot conquer to Divine, he lost his left eye at the hands of Zeus, and Negative, he got allergic reactions to its environment. Carlos' parents are trully legendary members of the League of Spies who stopped Giga's plan in 15 years ago, fade are killed by the shadow figure.

After he fights against Doctor Giga, he finally completed his training by Master Ken Lee, his old friend atoning for his misdeed. As his parents, he finished your job of stopping the evil dictator. He haves now became the Hero of Earth.

Gameplay Info

Special Moves

  • Palma de Ritmo: QCF + P (He launches an orange colored energy wave with his palm.)
    • His Super Rhythmic version, Palma Electrica, has the energy wave engulfed with electricity and causes more damage.
  • Puño Ascendente: DP + P (He rises his right hand in a Dragon Punch styled attack to his opponent.)
    • His Super Rhythmic version, Puño de Viento, has him spinning in 360° during the rising uppercut.
  • Puño Deslizador: HCF + P (He dashes towards his opponent with a straight punch. Serves as a Combo Opener.)
    • His Super Rhythmic version, Puño Cortador, changes the fist for a karate chop and causes more damage.
  • Patada Huracan: QCB + K (He spins with two windmill kicks. Serves as a Combo Opener.)
    • His Super Rhythmic version, Cumbia Torbellino, has five windmill attacks done in sucession.
  • Puño Defensor: QCB + P (He performs a defensive stance. When his opponent attacks, he counters it with a powerful fist that sends his opponent to the ground.)
    • His Super Rhythmic version, Puño de Rebote, has the fist counter sending the opponent to the wall and bouncing from it afterwards.

Ultra Rhythmic Move

  • Combo de Golpes de Presión: QCB, HCF + 3P (Carlos prepares with a shaking pose and then dashes towards his opponent. If the move connects, he does a series of punches and kicks to him/her, then he uppercuts with the Puño de Viento, sending the opponent to fly in the air and then falling him/her to the ground.)


Battle Intro

Carlos walks to the battlefield with his travel bag, then he puts that bag to the floor, adjusts his gloves and says "A good fight needs a touch of rhythm." before he goes to his Kumbiarate stance.

Match Point

Carlos raises his right fist and shouts "Yeah!".

Victory Pose

Carlos does a bit of Kata with his fists and then prepares his Palma de Ritmo, as the camera focuses closely on him. Orange colored light streaks follow him post-sequence.

After-Match Quotes

Battle Rhythm

  • (Mirror Match) "It's my idea or did I fought with myself? I must been dreaming."
  • (vs. Joaquín) "That's a good match, amigo. Better luck next time!"
  • (vs. Rina) "That's not the date I had in mind, Rina-chan, but thanks for the sparring."
  • (vs. Adriana) "Just accept that if you're stalking Joaquín, he will not get your attention, prima."
  • (vs. Iván) "Chaval, what happened to you? I thought you can surpass me."
  • (vs. Takeru) "I owe one, Takkun. Your atonement helped me to forget bad things."
  • (vs. Murdock) "Don't let the revenge towards the Neo Ku Klux Klan control you, Murdock."
  • (vs. Shantel) "Have you wondered why you always trash talk like that? Not even my prima would say these things."
  • (vs. Jacob) "You are fighting for the wrong side. Have you forgot your duty of protecting the innocent?"
  • (vs. Natalie) "What's wrong with you? Trying to kill my friends wouldn't solve anything."
  • (vs. Damian) "Not to interrupt your selfie moment, but focus more on your wrestling skills."
  • (vs. Garrett) "Tough as always, however, you need to find harmony in your fists."
  • (vs. Reggie) "I understand your situation. We must fight for the common cause."
  • (vs. Tomas) "Thanks for the offer, señor, but I'm on a journey for the search of truth."
  • (vs. Fong) "It's an honor to fight with the famous Kung-Fu actor. Your skills are legendary indeed."
  • (vs. Kastor) "Forgive me, Kastor. I have personal things to settle."
  • (vs. Don Z) "This is for you, Master Lee."
  • (vs. Doctor Giga) "Your megalomaniac interdimensional domination is over!"
  • (vs. Valerie) "No way! Are you really my #1 fan? I thought you're just an ordinary girl."
  • (vs. John) "I'm glad you have the determination to save the theater, mister."
  • (vs. Blazer) "You went down too far. This is why Rina-chan is no longer your fan."
  • (vs. Marion) "You say you're a member of the League of Spies? Are you telling me the truth?"
  • (vs. Patrick) "An odd kind of fighter... I never recall the use of chairs in fights!"
  • (vs. Amadeus) "Even priests can be good fighters. I'm really surprised!"
  • (vs. Raystrom) "Even for an otherworldly being, you do have determination!"
  • (vs. Captain Lyrus) "That war you are partaking... is ours! We got an enemy in common!"


  • In Battle Rhythm, the fighting styles listed in their profiles are a mix of actual martial arts with musical genres. In the case of Carlos, he fights with Kumbiarate, which is basically Karate mixed with Cumbia (specifically Mexican Cumbia), a well known latin american music genre. In the back of his jacket (not pictured by the way), actually has an image of a palm three on a small island with the Kung Fu stylized words "Kumbia" and "Rate" separated in the middle of the image.
  • The name of Carlos' mentor, Ken Lee, is taken after an erroneous phonetic translation of "Can't Leave" said by Valentina Hasan while singing Mariah Carey's cover version of "Without You" during the second season of Music Idol in Bulgaria.
  • Speaking of Ken Lee. No, I don't want to pull a Gouken on him regarding surviving a forbidden attack, as it would dampen the impact on Carlos' story.
  • His stage, Villa Florentina, is an actual ballroom located in Itzapalapa, Mexico City, where Carlos currently resides. The fight takes place in the dancing floor. However, given the 2.5D nature of the game, two horizontal platforms were put around the dancing floor.
  • It should be noted that his hometown is Chignahuapan, Puebla, the same hometown of Mexico's legendary comedian Capulina, and also the town where my late grandmother lived in.
  • Fun fact: Carlos's parents, Rodrigo and Carmen, are members of the League of Spies, as evidenced in his cutscene against Doctor Giga. Believe it or not, they trained Natalie Volkova twenty years ago. It's confirmed that they take Carlos to the orphanage when he was 3 years old due to the fact that he shouldn't knew their secret... until now. Said orphanage in turn, doubles as a temple, where Ken Lee, the owner of the place, received Carlos with open arms.
  • Another fun fact: The dragon neckwear he's using is actually a gift from an elderly antique shop owner after stopping a criminal from stealing everything back in his hometown.